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By Caroline


Yeah!! Sunday. 


Every day is planned for Mary during Sundays. Well, it's been a long day! I’m tired and beautiful Mary murmured as she took a deep breath before taking a bath to finish the day. A crazy long day! Finally, tomorrow will be Sunday.


Sundays are supposed to be a rest day or a break for a long continuous monotonous 6 days of the week. For Mary, it was supposed to be a beauty day, self-love day or happy day but since she has been working for a long time, she tried to be productive and learn new skills while developing her personality and discovering new talent.


As Mary checks her notes for tomorrow's activities. Ann‘ll be meeting Rosie for our last session of swimming class, as he giggles and remembers a funny experience together during swimming class.

“Finally we learned how to float in the water.” Laughter is lingering through her mind.


What a day! What a week! A friend complains about her long week celebration for CNY. Yes, it is. We all agreed. As we are having a nice Sunday afternoon, one of her recalled memories in her place while we are sitting under some shades of trees. As she was growing up in the countryside, they always climbed trees when they were young. The most common trees are mango trees, they are big, wide branches, dark green leaves and easy to climb too, especially the short ones. During summer is the most fun during the mango season. Children can just throw stones at the ripe mangoes and fall into the ground. Native Phil mangoes are sweet and smell very nice that people always ask some while passing by meeting friends during Sundays it's like you're just back home, speaking the language is more relaxing, takes you back the feeling of home, the longing home, It is where all emotions are felt there's sadness shared, laughter are cherished and dreams are planned.


Mary was hearing increasing sounds over-ear. Oh, it was her phone ringing, as she opens her eyes to see who's calling, in her mind. she still feels sleepy but it was the Madan, Ohh! as she collected the nearest to say hello in a serious sore voice. As she was listening, her brain was confused about her boss giving her instructions to wear a mask when she went out. Telling that there is a new virus spreading and be careful outside. As she was trying to order to stand in a sleepy state or mind, she just replied OK and bye.


True enough as it was, going out more people are wearing masks. It was strange as there was no news about what was spreading everybody seemed to understand what it was. As I recall, I heard about SARS before this one was new. Mary is also meeting her friends wearing the mask. As she was anxious and wanted more information about it. Mary asked her friends and her friends shared what her boss also shared about it. Much information and some misleading information has been out online until the World Health Organization announced that this new virus found is now a pandemic state that has been spreading now and issued guidelines. The pandemic creates a panic situation. Mary gets more bothered by all the chaos created by online news since it came out because her vacation was on the line whether to go on vacation stay and wait until what will happen.


“Everything was planned”, trying to be brave and reasonable to herself that she gonna home. Mary conducted her conversation to herself. There is always a big but in life, is it

worth the risk she murmured and more questions popped out of her mind?


As she observes around her, wearing a mask is as important as not being sick washing hands. Every time we eat we always wash hands as this is like a habit being told but now washing hands is important. Always wash hands every time sanitize. The funny thing too what happened was the panic buying…..

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